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Driver 3 Xbox 360 Compatible


High Heat: Major League Baseball 2004 Unknown Unknown Unknown Yes Yes High Rollers Casino Yes Unknown No Yes Unknown Hitman: Contracts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Must be set at 1080i Game also freezes after playing the second song on Arcade Mode. ATV Unleashed Yes Yes No Yes Yes Loading screens turn negative color sometimes. T6Games 1,577,164 views 5:53 Driver 3 Gameboy Advance Gameplay - Duration: 7:40. http://1001multimedia.com/xbox-360/driver-3-compatible-xbox-360.php

Shadows occasionally glitch out for certain characters (Plankton, Patrick, etc.). Thanks for any info 0 Comments Jonesey Posts: 681 Forum Member 19/05/10 12:30 #2 According to Xbox.com no, but there's a more comprehensive list HERE that I can't actually access at When set at 480p at 16:9, it keeps widescreen at all times. As long as she does not touch you, the game will not freeze and gameplay can continue. https://www.gamefaqs.com/xbox/561983-driv3r/answers/58027-how-do-i-play-driv3r-on-the-xbox-360

Driver 5 Xbox 360

NHL 2005 Yes Yes No Yes No NHL 2K3 Yes Unknown Unknown Yes Yes NHL Hitz 2003 Yes Unknown No Yes Unknown Cannot Save in Franchise mode without the system/game locking Sound: during the crate moving part-time job at Fortune's Pier & Thousand White Warehouse in Kowloon, the "left & right" command sounds skip and the music skip & loops after a Your Vote. Pausing then resuming the game remedies this.

Its native 720p resolution does not support widescreen and runs at 4:3 screen ratio (PAL version works 720p 16:9 tested 26/4/2017). Xbox 360s. Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes Yes No Unknown Yes No Can lag when a large amount of enemies are on screen. Driver Parallel Lines Xbox 360 Driving controls are laggy, making it difficult to drive vehicles.

Links 2004 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Lags. Driver 3 Xbox One Project Gotham Racing 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes There is usually a black screen at car (visible for an instant before going black) and gear box type selection. This is normal and happens on an Original Xbox as well. If you choose to use third-party CD/DVD writing software then please follow the instructions for that software in creating a data disc with just the update on the disc.

Pages: 1 #1 03-06-2006 21:03:52 The Kid Légende du forum Lieu: Pluma... Driver San Francisco Xbox 360 Blinx 2: Masters of Time & Space Yes Yes Yes Yes No Framerate drops occasionally. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Yes Yes Unknown Yes No November 2007 emulator upgrade required. At boot, the Xbox Originals logo and the loading screens may flicker a few seconds.

Driver 3 Xbox One

Shoot her from a distance, or use explosives. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_games_compatible_with_Xbox_360 Junko Takahashi's Mahjong Seminar No No Yes No Unknown Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Yes Yes No Yes No Justice League Heroes Yes No No Yes Yes Very noticeable slowdown whenever large Driver 5 Xbox 360 Capcom 2 Yes Yes No Yes No Ingame character sprites suffer from severe graphical corruption issues. Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility List Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Yes Yes Unknown Yes No Takes really long to load level.

Yes Yes No Yes Unknown Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Yes Unknown No Yes No Freeze in career mode make impossible to finish the second or third tournament. click site Red Dead Revolver Yes Yes No Yes Yes Sky flickers from blue to black and parts of many objects flicker during gameplay in widescreen. After playing Driver on the PS1 I was expecting something great but it was very poor, especially in comparison to GTA Vice City. Cutscenes are glitchy during the party on "The Exchange" level when in widescreen. Driver Xbox 360

  • Title NTSC (NA) NTSC (JP) PAL (EU, AU, NZ) Widescreen Notes 50 Hz 60 Hz 2006 FIFA World Cup Yes Yes Unknown Yes Yes 25 to Life Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Mad Dash Racing No No Yes No No This game starts to play on US/NTSC Xboxes, but, it will freeze a couple seconds into a race.
  • MVP Baseball 2003 No Unknown Unknown Yes Yes Noticeable glitches on player uniform textures, also the uniform has random color patches.
  • This may include save game files.
  • Hulk Yes No No Yes No Hunter: The Reckoning Yes No Unknown Yes No Loading times between levels are greatly increased, game view does not scale with HD TVs.
  • Same for DRIVER: Parallel Lines.
  • Downloadable content for these titles is not available via Xbox Live.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Yes Yes No Yes Yes Random crackling sound, music will occasionally stop playing before starting again and then stopping again,
  • Some games still will have small black over-scan lines on the sides of the screen.

Wise Men's Qr. Smashing Drive No No No Yes Unknown Sneakers / Nezmix No No Yes Yes Unknown Sniper Elite Yes Yes No Yes Yes Game freezes at the briefing screen before loading if MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf Yes Yes Yes Yes No At the end of some levels, the game does not progress onto the next mission. news There are also bouts of slowdown.

Published on Aug 9, 2010This is just some quick gameplay of the Take-a-Ride mode in Driv3r (or would that be Driver 3) on the Xbox. Cex Very occasional freezes corrected by a reboot. Occasional framerate issues.

Leveling up using a trainer and immediately using the same trainer again).

Ground textures were occasionally corrupted on original Xbox as well. The driving experience wasn't the same as Driver, it felt more like Burnout. 0 Sign In or Register to comment. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Dead or Alive Ultimate Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes DOAU1 does not support widescreen.

Driver-Dimension paye ses serveurs avec cette publicité. Golden Qr. NASCAR Thunder 2003 Yes No No Yes Yes Will lag during a race if you have rear-view mirror activated. http://1001multimedia.com/xbox-360/driver-3-iso-xbox.php Slowdown is almost constant in 3/4 player split-screen races, especially when drifting.

Sonic Mega Collection Plus Yes Yes Yes Yes No Sound glitches in PAL version when playing Sonic the Hedgehog, may occur in other games. As of April 2010, original Xbox games no longer can be played online via the Xbox Live service, as it was ended for the original Xbox console. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Yes Unknown No Yes No Saving doesn't seem to work. GreaterWriter49 commented · June 27, 2017 01:22 · Flag as inappropriateFlag as inappropriate · Delete… i agree GreaterWriter49 commented · June 26, 2017 11:27 · Flag as inappropriateFlag as inappropriate ·

On the opening movie, the song has to repeat sections in order to stay in sync. Step 3: Click "Write files to CD" from the CD writing tasks in the Explorer window or select Write these files to CD from the CD/DVD RW drive right mouse click Registered in England 112955. Building geometry appears improperly aligned on rare occasions.

Whenever new emulation profiles are released, drives manufactured after that date include the latest update. Muzzle Flash No No Yes No Unknown MX Unleashed Yes Unknown No Yes Yes Small part of loading screen may turn grey, Training videos sometimes don't work MX vs. Tetris Worlds Yes Unknown Yes Yes No Star Wars: The Clone Wars combined disc does not work with "Xenon", "Zephyr" and "Opus" motherboards Xbox 360 models. Game may also crash after a double KO.

Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Arcade Collection Yes No Yes Yes No NASCAR 2006: Total Team Control Yes Unknown No Yes Yes Voice Recognition feature is supported with the Xbox 360 Headset. Geometry Wars shows some graphic artifacts making some "vectors" to look blurry at any resolution or aspect ratio set in the dashboard.