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T.K arrives at The Mexican's arcade store and confronts him, who responds by brandishing a shotgun and running away. The skyline isn't changed much, though construction sites featured in the 1978 era are now mostly completed high-rise buildings, and the most notable change of the skyline is the lack of Both Maria and TK arrive at the wrecked helicopter. Slink (28). check my blog

See alsoEdit http://www.hanamoku.com/dpl/vehicle.html  Retrieved from "http://driver.wikia.com/wiki/Vehicles_in_Driver:_Parallel_Lines?oldid=9548" Ad blocker interference detected! Air Mail - A courier of Slink in a helicopter has to deliver some drugs packages. The car is used by the NYPD to chase the player when they have heat. The next morning, when TK awakes, another member of the gang, Bishop, is standing in his apartment. why not find out more

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The same principle applies to out-of-car activities, such as weapon use, and allows the player to holster a weapon in order to lose police attention until spotted committing illegal acts again. Paddy Wagon - In order to break Candy free from prison, the gang needs a prison van to infiltrate the jail. Bishop demands TK to head over to Riker’s Island to free Candy. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

Instead, it's a smaller but more stylized version of the city that includes all the boroughs except Staten Island, as well as Coney Island and parts of the New Jersey shore. Advertise Media Kit Contact Driver: Parallel Lines Wiki is a Fandom Games Community. At first, The Mexican believes TK is too young to serve as his driver, but then he changes his mind and lets TK prove himself by competing against The Mexican's old Driver 5 Corrigan kills Rafael anyway and the gang use TK as a scapegoat and flees the scene.

Later on, Slink teaches TK how to use firearms so he can ‘handle himself’ whenever he gets in a ‘situation’. It can be reactivated, though, by spending too much time in the sight of a police officer, who will eventually recognize the player as "wanted". After blowing up a tunnel with TK in it, with TK narrowly escaping, he shoots down the chopper. http://dpl.wikia.com/wiki/Home His corpse is thrown out of TK's car in front of Corrigan, who immediately recognizes him.

He seeks revenge on those who betrayed him and is constantly planing to kill them. Driver Parallel Lines Cast After a pursuit through Englewood, TK shoots down Corrigan's helicopter. See Wanted Pages to see what pages are in need! He is then introduced to two other prominent gangsters, "The Mexican" and Bishop. 'The Mexican' usually sets up races for him to prove his way as a driver.

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  • Each vehicle can be upgraded numerous ways in Ray's Garage.
  • There are also many made up bands in the soundtrack performing fictitious tracks from the 1970's.
  • However, TK manages to pull one of the guard’s guns and shoots them both.
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  • The game was released on March 14 (March 17 in Europe), 2006 on Xbox and PlayStation 2 consoles by Atari, Wii[1] and PC on June 26, 2007 (June 28 in Europe)
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  • Once TK arrives at an arcade room in Queens to eliminate The Mexican, The Mexican manages to escape by train and steps out in Brooklyn.
  • After practicing on fixed objects, TK is introduced to eliminating a dynamic target in the streets of New York Pay Ray - Ray got himself into financial problems.

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Advertise Media Kit Contact Driver Wiki is a Fandom Games Community. Morrowind Guide Sci-Fi Guide ESO Morrowind FANDOM Skip to Content Skip to Wiki Navigation Skip to Site Navigation Games Movies TV Wikis Explore Wikis Community Central Fandom University My Account Sign Driver Parallel Lines Cars Retrieved September 4, 2014. ^ Perry, Douglass C. (January 12, 2006). "Driver Parallel Lines: Progress Report". Driver Parallel Lines Tk IGN gave the PS2 and Xbox versions 7.2 out of 10, praising the return of the series to its roots, and mentioned that "It's still not perfect, but it's not broken

The game's New York City is also more "life-like" compared to previous games in the series: vendors sell donuts, NPC pedestrians talk rather than simply grunting and screaming, and numerous side click site Candy’s is just a stepping stone on her way to exacting a revenge she’s spent her life preparing for. Metacritic. Together, the gang thinks out a detailed plan, with each of the crew member being involved. Driver 76

And the Wikia has: 12,612,280 users Helping Out To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below. Spotted a missing page? Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. We have a modified experience for viewers using ad blockers Wikia is not accessible if you’ve made further modifications. news Also, the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions have the same soundtrack as the other versions but have a few extra songs.

Candy - Killed for betraying TK and trying to kill him and Maria Cortez. Driver Parallel Lines Pc Unlike the previous installments, the main character is more of a criminal than an FBI agent like the well-known John Tanner found in the past three Driver games. Customization options include respraying, bodywork options and engine and performance upgrades.

It's the place where he plans to make one hell of a fortune using the one marketable skill he's got - driving. ―Driver: Parallel Lines Description. Terry "The Kid" Kidumms

Upgrades include custom body and paint jobs, although they are preset, increased engine power, nitrous boosters, bulletproof glass, window film and tuneable springs, shocks, ride height, brakes, neon lighting, and downforce. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Slink asks TK to collect them. Driver Vegas With Ray's help, he immediately tracks down and kills 'The Mexican'.

In addition, the New York of 1978 has a rather sepia tone to it, whereas in 2006 the sky has been blue-tinted. Repoman - An associate of Slink owning the Phoenix auto body shop chain, and wants Slink to acquire three expensive sport cars. FORCE Bodywork 4 — "Mallisons!", this bodywork is essentially the same as the second bodywork, following the same extra accessories, only a new livery is applied to the vehicle. More about the author The game features all of New York City's major bridges except the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the Whitestone Bridge, the Hell Gate Bridge, and the Throgs Neck Bridge.

TK steals the car, drives off to Phoenix Autos to plant the bomb and returns the car to the location he stole it. After TK has proved himself to Slink, Slink gets TK in contact with another criminal, The Mexican. Gameplay Information Vehicles Weapons Radio Cheats Featured Articles Featured Articles are Administrator-rated articles which gain the certification of being high-quality, to the best of this wiki's abilities. When they led me out, I was ready. ―Terry. After twenty-eight years in prison, TK leaves the prison at the age of forty-six.

Also included with the limited edition is the official soundtrack, including twelve tracks from the game. The Kid aka TK, the new main character, received Game Informer's "Biggest Dork of 2006" award. Slink hands the job over to TK. However, The Mexican, disillusioned with the wealth from his share of the money, went bankrupt and became a poor, alcoholic bum working in an arcade in Queens. 2006[edit] T.K is released

While the 1978 World Trade Center appears, in 2006 it's a cleared and closed site. GameSpy. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. They are all wealthy, except 'The Mexican', who has become a low-life and alcoholic working in a arcade room.

Man, you never should'a come here!’ Nevertheless, in the following battle TK still manages to destroy his amphibious tank and kill him. The player can traverse these bridges freely from the start. Not only does T.K.'s appearance change from his 70's look to a more modern appearance in 2006, so too do the weapons, pedestrians and vehicles. Corrigan reveals that Ray helped him on his behalf in exchange for Corrigan paying off his huge gambling debt, since his addiction only worsened since 1978.

Official Xbox Magazine: 77. Being a relatively easy target, TK decides to kill the Mexican first.