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Everyone was either finding themselves, having a party or getting laid. Metacritic. Nintendo Power. 219: 86. I didn't waste a single one. check my blog

Furthermore, despite not being built until the 1980s, the World Financial Center is present in both eras opposite the World Trade Center. IGN. Unlock: After finishing the "Jail Break" mission. BLAINE Real world model: M134 Mini-gun Very slow reloading, but its large caliber and rate of fire means nothing survives. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Driver:_Parallel_Lines

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By escaping across the roofs, TK makes it back to the ground, where The Mexican is waiting with a truck. The Recruit Developers Ubisoft Reflections Gameloft (mobile games) Publishers GT Interactive Software (1999–2000) Infogrames/Atari (2000–2006) Ubisoft (2006–present) v t e Ubisoft Reflections Shadow of the Beast series Shadow of the Beast It’s the place where he plans to live the American Dream using the one marketable skill he’s got – driving.

  • Range (metres): 120.
  • Corrigan ‘thanks’ TK for killing the gang members: All four dead – I gotta thank you for clearing up some loose ends.
  • The game's New York City is also more "life-like" compared to previous games in the series: vendors sell donuts, NPC pedestrians talk rather than simply grunting and screaming, and numerous side
  • Trains do run on the above ground railway system.
  • For the Wii version, the felony bar is replaced with a "stars" system, similar to that of Grand Theft Auto, which light up when the player attracts police attention.
  • Retrieved March 7, 2009. ^ Reed, Kristan (July 25, 2007). "Driver Parallel Lines (Wii)".
  • TK kills Candy on his way to Maria's office attempting to kill here because Candy thought Maria betrayed her.
  • TK is asked to steal the car of a rival of Slink.

GameplayEdit A comparison between eras. After retrieving the money at four different locations, TK brings the cash back to Slink. It's the only place wants to be; the only place he can let his ambition off the leash. Driver Parallel Lines Cast Ray taught him to drive when they were still at the farm.

After TK has proved himself to Slink, Slink gets TK in contact with another criminal, The Mexican. Driver Parallel Lines Tk Corrigan - Final Mission Retrieved from "http://dpl.wikia.com/wiki/Missions?oldid=11649" Ad blocker interference detected! Just a country boy looking to make good. http://dpl.wikia.com/wiki/Home With Ray's help, he immediately tracks down and kills 'The Mexican'.

The game received a better view by its fans, but some said it needs to regain its original abilities in the past games, and fix its many texture issues, as well Driver 5 He heads to Corrigan's safe house in New Jersey. In Brooklyn, the player can visit Coney Island. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

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Bishop phones TK and offers him a chance to duel one-on-one, but turns up in an army tank armed with explosives. He now wears modern jeans, this time in a darker color, and a darker brown jacket, alongside a gray t-shirt with visible belt buckles and black boots. Driver Parallel Lines Cars Instead of choosing minigames from a menu as in previous Driver titles, minigames are now accessed from the in-game world. Driver Parallel Lines Mods Meanwhile, Ray researches on Slink and Bishop's business and provides T.K with vehicles and ammo in order to sabotage their ventures.

Retrieved September 4, 2014. ^ a b Edge staff (April 2006). "Driver: Parallel Lines (PS2, Xbox)". click site However, The Mexican, disillusioned with the wealth from his share of the money, went bankrupt and became a poor, alcoholic bum working in an arcade in Queens. 2006[edit] T.K is released Afterwards, T.K goes to Ray's Autos to meet him, only to find Corrigan here. RPG Real world model: HK 69 The RPG is similar to the grenade launcher, the main difference being that the grenades are propelled and therefore much faster projectile. Driver 76

Categories: Businesses Stores Browse Games Movies TV Explore Wikis Follow Us Overview About Careers Press Contact Wikia.org Terms of Use Privacy Policy Global Sitemap Local Sitemap Community Community Central Support Fan In 2006, TK works together with Maria Cortez to avenge the members of the gang. Maria leaves the scene while TK walks away with a smile he is never seen having since 1978. http://1001multimedia.com/parallel-lines/driver-4-parallel-lines-pc.php Max ammo: 10 rounds.

I had a room up in Hunt's Point, over Rays Auto Stores. ―Terry. Terry Kidumms (or, as called in gameplay, ‘TK’ or ‘The Kid’) is an eighteen-year-old ‘country boy’ who Driver Parallel Lines Pc PlayStation Magazine: 89. Bishop contacts TK and asks him to scare the guard in order to retrieve information.

Cars are now mostly modern models, though 1978 models can still appear on the streets.

Notable groups featured on the soundtrack include Funkadelic, Can, Suicide, The Stranglers, War, Iggy Pop, Blondie, David Bowie, Parliament, The Temptations and Average White Band in the 1978 part of the Appearance Edit 1978 Era Edit TK is 18 years old, and is still in the process of becoming an adult. Retrieved from "http://dpl.wikia.com/wiki/Home?oldid=16691" Ad blocker interference detected! Driver Vegas Max ammo: 2000 rounds.

Maria and T.K do her best to undermine Corrigan, first by planting his limo with Slink's body in his mansion, and then planting a police car with Candy's body in a Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising. The vehicle now features a high performance supercharger, with the "bug-catcher" itself being exposed from the vehicle, finished in silver. More about the author Content is available under CC-BY-SA.

Range (metres): 70. Start a wiki Community Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Later on, he is also introduced to a local criminal called Bishop, who requests from T.K to infiltrate Riker's Island and smuggle out Candy, a local gangster jailed there.