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Ray’s five years older than TK; he came to New York as soon as he could afford the gas to get there and set up a repair shop in Queens as After arriving at the killing field and eliminating the guards assisted by several other gangsters, TK extracts the limo with Rafael Martinez and brings him to a warehouse in Hunts Point. This is the last Driver game to be published by Atari before Reflections was bought out by Ubisoft. Although based on real automobiles, all vehicles in the game are fictious, and are given fictitious names.

The parties? Please check back later if a page you're looking for is not here, or ask a member of staff for assistance. See how! In a mental visualisation of a police interrogation room, Tanner begins questioning his mental projection of Jericho and realises that the news reports from the television in his real-world hospital bed find more info

Driver Parallel Lines Wii

Driver: Parallel Lines Driver: Parallel Lines Cover Art. Everyone was either finding themselves, having a party or getting laid. Driver 2 As the protagonist, he appears on every mission.

  • The only difference is that Vice City started after Tommy's release while the first half of Parallel Lines started during TK's Youth Arrest while the second half started following his release.
  • In 1978, the twin towers of the World Trade Center are present, along with New York City's many other landmarks such as the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Times Square, Central
  • The game focuses on speedboats.
  • She wants as much revenge as TK does.

When he gets there, he discovers that Jones has been wounded by gunfire, and upon Jones' urging, he chases down the gunman. The Kid aka TK, the new main character, received Game Informer's "Biggest Dork of 2006" award. The five of us were living the life - drugs, drink, girls. Driver Parallel Lines Cars The story lines for these games have no effect on the main storyline and are not reflected upon in any way between each other.

Range (metres): 120. Driver Parallel Lines Soundtrack Content is available under CC-BY-SA. CommercialEdit 1978 Era Boldius = International 1437 Bus = Blue Bird 781 Courier = Grumman-Olson P-800 Delivery Van = 1978 Ford Econoline Van Dolva = MAN TGA Dolva Flatbed = MAN In the 2006 era, when T.K.

But there’s more to her beneath the surface. Driver Parallel Lines Tk Contents[show] OverviewEdit Driver: Parallel Lines takes place in New York, and is the first game to take place in two eras - 1978 era and 2006 era. I thought that fucking kidnap was never gonna go away. ―Corrigan. TK gets annoyed and tells him that it wasn’t a kidnap but an ordinary assassination and that Corrigan knew The Wiki needs help on developing its Mission and Weapon articles, so don't feel afraid to get stuck in!

Driver Parallel Lines Soundtrack

Talk and more... http://driver.wikia.com/wiki/Vehicles_in_Driver:_Parallel_Lines See alsoEdit http://www.hanamoku.com/dpl/vehicle.html  Retrieved from "http://driver.wikia.com/wiki/Vehicles_in_Driver:_Parallel_Lines?oldid=9548" Ad blocker interference detected! Driver Parallel Lines Wii When Slink sees TK, he immediately realizes it was TK who destroyed his shops: ‘Motherfucker! Driver Parallel Lines Police Car Create your own and start something epic.

Caine agrees, and Tanner is sent to work on various jobs, including sending a car bomb to one of Vasquez' casinos, stealing an ambulance, and most importantly, destroying one of Vasquez's Just a country boy looking to make good. Please note, as providing information is our aim on this Wiki, some pages may contain plot details and/or spoilers. Thereafter a firefight follows, with TK being involved too. Driver Parallel Lines Ps2

She was seeking the assassin of Rafael Martinez (who appears to be her father). It is unknown whether or not this game is canon to the main series. Tanner eventually comes to the chopper's crash site, apprehends Lenny and brings him back to Chicago. Later on, Slink teaches TK how to use firearms so he can ‘handle himself’ whenever he gets in a ‘situation’.

In order to prove himself to the gang, Tanner must complete a number of challenges in a parking garage. Driver Parallel Lines Pc Soon as he can get the money together, first place he heads is New York City. Create your own and start something epic.

TK gets involved with work for Slink, who in turn introduces him to his "crew", himself, The Mexican, Bishop, and Candy, lead by Corrigan.

Tanner has a parody appeareance in Grand Theft Auto III during the mission "Two-Faced Tanner", where Claude has to kill him. The Recruit for Nintendo DS. TK does two jobs for her, involving guarding her and helping her to transport an Antilli VO3 Special to one of Candy’s clients. Driver Parallel Lines Car Customization Talk and more...

Unlike the previous installments, the main character is more of a criminal than an FBI agent like the well-known John Tanner found in the past three Driver games. Upgrades include custom body and paint jobs, although they are preset, increased engine power, nitrous boosters, bulletproof glass, window film and tuneable springs, shocks, ride height, brakes, neon lighting, and downforce. After smashing through a compound wall with a bulldozer and an intense fight with the guards, TK manages to find Candy and escapes the prison complex by a Delivery Van. Customization options include respraying, bodywork options and engine and performance upgrades.

In this game, Tanner is voiced by Michael Madsen. Mackenzie, congratulates him and offers him his badge back. He and the others had figured me to take the heat for Martinez. ―Terry. After Corrigan attached his police badge, he makes clear that TK will be the scapegoat, and Create it!

Tanner then decides to pursue Calita while Jones goes after The Bagman. After the second meeting with Slink, TK decides he wants to get deeper into the criminal world and becomes Slinks wheelman. Tanner claims that he knew what he was doing, but Jones reminds him whose car he was driving before suggesting a well-deserved beer. Bishop makes it clear he knows Slink and says he has been sent by his boss Corrigan.

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