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NostalgiaGamesProd 41,654 views 5:57 DRIV3R PC Istanbul, Mission #23: The Chase - Mission #24: Bomb Truck (mission help) - Duration: 11:01. Q. Mixerced 223,548 views 3:34 DRIV3R PC Miami, Mission #?: The Hit - Mission #7: Trapped (mission help) - Duration: 13:37. Quickly get out of the car once it is in the back of the truck and then get a car like before. http://1001multimedia.com/driver-3/driver-3-ps2-tips.php

NostalgiaGamesProd 27,087 views 7:01 Driv3r - Final Mission - Duration: 9:53. Drive to the Objective point and you will have 3 options here to get into this place: A. Enter the garage at the end of that street to find a car that resembles a Ford GT-40. Once you see a roadblock of cop cars, run after it. http://www.ign.com/wikis/driver-3

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Gator's Yacht mission The best way to do this mission in Miami is to go to Stiltsville (the water huts) first and get the C4. You can't crash or you will get an instant failure guaranteed. Park the car next to the fire escape behind the hotel. B.

Most buildings have no interior, and are just a hollow wall with no floor and "blue hell". If you drove straight enough you will see a shipping container being lowered. Jericho gets out and now it's time to chase after him and shoot at all the guards that get in your way. ***Alternate Approach*** First, floor it until you see that Driver 3 Download It looks kind of like a Ferrari.

Shoot them. Go back to the stairs and go up to the Roof. This maneuver is tricky and quite dangerous due to the blind corner but, it will help you keep up with her. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/driv3r-walkthrough/1100-6103249/ After You kill him, you'll have to get out of the car.

I have not tried this yet. --------------------------------------- 2.25 - Arms Deal --------------------------------------- Drive out of the airport and onto the road. Driver 5 If you are unsure where some are I will list what you need to do. Enter it to find all of your supplies. Get a car, any car, as quickly as possible.

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Harry Citrus 12,927 views 2:31 Driv3r PC Walkthrough - Nice Mission 8: Rescue Dubois - Duration: 6:09.

Get the gun in front of the ladder. Driver 3 Timmy Vermicelli This way you won't lose much of the speed and still make the turns. Driver 3 Xbox 360 Get in the car and go out the opposite way you came in.

Go in the door to your left the one with the yellow sign with a gun to the right of it. More about the author YOu now need to quickly get to the objective point to save Calita (Even though I think once you reach "The Chase" mission you will be regretting this (like why oh Go into the next room. When you come out on the other side Gator should be out here. Driver 4

  • If you do this fast enough you should make it to the objective point with about seven seconds to spare. ----------------------- ####################### ----------------------- Mission 6: "Booby Trap" ----------------------- ####################### ----------------------- Difficulty:
  • Back up the truck and continue following the truck with your car. 2.
  • Turn left at the opening in the bushes you will see a rather large sewer tunnel drive along this tunnel to the end.
  • Go up the drive and towards the right is an open building with a fence around it.
  • Just drive to the top of the hill.
  • B.

Take aim and pop out to shoot them. This is useful for going past a car. You can go to a doorway and peak around the corner and they won't actually see you. 5. check my blog One guarding the stairs and the other crouching behind a vent.

Turn right when you get to the street and follow this road for awhile. Driver 3 Ps2 Now just run behind some car and keep ducking. Add to Want to watch this again later?

Look at your map and drive to the Objective green spot on your map. 4.

Run into the construction site and go down the stairs. Don't bother him and he won't bother you. Go around the white building to find a Timmy Vermicelli. Driver Parallel Lines EditContributor Assistance If you're unfamiliar with editing our wikis, this simple How-to Wiki guide shows you how to get started.

When it becomes very curvy, listen for a bell. Go in the door that guy is guarding in that dark corner and down the stairs. When you get to the last thing to hit will be on a roof. news Shoot at the people with guns.

If the car chases you up the hill, then jump down and you shouldn't get too damaged but the other car should jump over the wall and you will lose him. Look on the right side of the road for an opening in the fence. CheatCC's 2017 E3 Awards The 8 Best Booties of Gaming: 2017 Edition Top 10 Most Awesome Arcade Classics Top 5 Best Cosplays from Fanimecon 2017 7 Games That'll Scare the S#%T If you can get a motorcycle but, a car will do also.

To your left over the fence you can see some guys down there shooting at Calita. You start in your car so just start peeling out from the start. Go to the map section to find the general location of each Timmy. Then run down the stairs.