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A sign says detour to an alley leading south where you will find a ramp in wich u jump to find a secret area. Get out of your car and press triangle. Drive slow till you see a switch. Unsubscribe from TheGameCollectorPage? http://1001multimedia.com/driver-2/driver-2-missions.php

You should get a lot of air. The first player to touch all five checkpoints wins the game. Vasquez is in the bathroom and he isnt blacked out or sensored in any way. You will be able to see inside of the tunnel!

Driver 2 Gameshark Codes

You should start getting chased by cops. Find the booth named Ticket. Proceed to the end the turn left.

  1. To access this cheat, select "Gameplay", then "Secrets" at the options screen.
  2. Today i am going to be reveal a new hacking trick.
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  4. STEP 11 : After that find the line and edit like this... " STEP 12 : After changing it Save it ( press back to save
  5. Then after that you just keep driving straight until you hit two barrels.
  6. My cousin gave it to me like 4 years ago.
  7. Look on the map and you will see a long windy bit of road that goes out to the west.
  8. Drive to the checkpoint that is highlighted on the map.
  9. Stop faster Press Triangle + Circle.Advertisement Blizzard Loves Us…They Really Love Us!

You are on right place ;-) About Car Driver 2 ( Hard ) This game will develop your driving skills ! Your clock is ticking down from 00:30. You can then access this cheat by going to the secrets section of the game. Driver 2 Secret City Get out of your car and while next to the meter press triangle.

Team SuperCheats 0 0 9 2 ID #1926 If you dont want any cops on you then listen to this cheat.Go to take a ride in Driver 2 Cheats Unlock All Cities remember that when its really high it will say your vehicle is wrecked. The checkpoint is marked on the map. http://www.ign.com/wikis/driver-2/PS_Cheats Register here or log in above to show codes you have posted or bookmarked.

I hope you pass this level Tanner the Great and don't give up after the first try because it took me a couple of tries until I got it. Driver 2 Level Skip Cheat Go to the road right before the tunnel. All other brands, logos, and/or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Also see GameShark Codes for more Driver 2 cheat codes.

Driver 2 Cheats Unlock All Cities

If you want to know where to find the construction site just post a question.Rio the place where you find the semi and the horse track that's where you can get click here now After you hit the barrels turn north west until you come to a sand mound, after you see the sand mound drive on top of it and then you will some Driver 2 Gameshark Codes Drive the car through the gate on your right and enter the packed roaring stadium. Driver 2 Cheat Codes Go through the tunnel and then turn right at the first street you see.

I listed it here just incase someone needed it. )D00AA674 ????"Infinite Time"800D77B4 A8C8800D77B6 0112800DA490 A8C8800DA492 0112"Unlock All Cities"D01C1308 F809801C130C 0000"Change Car Color"( Credit To Dahoomy- cop )( I never used the news Submitted by: sen JMN on Jun 25, 2003 Verified by: jimmythehedgehog, Arthur35 Verify this Report this Jump 65m This is a Very Hard Trick and you'll find it on the cheat Immediately after the lake is an intersection. Get out of your car and walk towards the corner wall where the highway wall meets the ocean wall. Driver 2 Invincibility Cheat

On the right side of the gate there is an open entrance and near the fence there is a control panel. Then, turn back at the start then find somewhere that has seats. You will fly!) If you hit the train, you shouldn't slow down. http://1001multimedia.com/driver-2/driver-2-les-missions.php To obtai this car you will have to drive south to Tropicana.

Go under the part that is sticking out and look for the 99c dollar slot sign and to the left of that is the switch. Driver 2 Secrets submitted by aunoumis Get all weapons Complete the game 10 times on hard and then press and hold 0+L2+L1+R2+x. To open the door, you need to go to the huge building to the right.

When the cop car is totaled hit the gas and drive off.

walk up the ramp and at the top there is two walls next to the ramp at the top an it is a glitch that lets you walk in the crowd Once you turn left you bet the level.I hope my instructions are detailed enough for you guys. There is a series of doors on the building. Driver 1 Cheats Ps1 Limo: If your lucky you can find taking your first right at the lights, anothter place is the airport.

submitted by Alex Unlock Invincibility Cheat Go to Take a Ride in Las Vegas - get on the main strip and head south. At the end of the building is an opened gate. Squeeze Through A easy way to get a cop off of you is by doing a squeeze through. http://1001multimedia.com/driver-2/driver-2-missions-list.php Sane Trilogy review: "Makes the Binding of Isaac feel like a summer getaway" 2Arms review: “An invigorating blend of graceful movement and slapstick violence” 3Dirt 4 review: "The series has always

It locks the wheels in the direction you are turning. In Havana there are two extra trucks. Simplest Way Not To Get Chased By Cops The simplest way to get where you need to go without being chased by cops is to first get out of your car. Cruise around to get back there to find a blue semi Secret Car In Las Vegas Take the first right turn and follow it down.

There won't be a corner exactly, you'll get close enough to see the tunnel through the water.In the neighborhood that you start out in Havana, north of the starting point, there tankru 0 0 1 0 ID #1888 Look people. Yronno1 218,941 views 7:57 How to use cheat codes menu in the ePSXe Emulator 1.9.25 - Duration: 4:06. X Why DRM Still Sucks We Want Vikings...and We Want Them Now!