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This is faster than walking to your destination. Drive around and find a wall. Look at the map. Just as you get to the top pull the hand break and turn left or right. this content

Continue till the road takes you to a tunnel drive to the end and turn right. Submitted by: Andrei Calin on Nov 18, 2002 Verified by: , Some Lazy Driver Verify this Report this Desperation Can't get the cops off your tail? To activate the secret go back to the main menu, options, gameplay, secrets and click on the secret and turn it on. Avoid Police Chases Drive like you are one of the city cars and the police will not follow you unless you hit a car or building. https://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/913685-driver-2/cheats

Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities

It seems like very few people know about it. PS1 | Submitted by vince Take a break Press triangle when next to a chair. Go up to it and push triangle. To know you are in the right place, there is a fence on either side.

  1. Now go back the way you came and there will be an open gate in front of the road.
  2. The felony meter will go back down to 0.
  3. To know you are in the right place, there is a fence on either side.

Verfolgungsanzeige zurücksetzen: Wenn Sie verfolgt von der Polizei verfolgt werden, wechseln Sie das Auto. Note: You can not ride any rides. You'll see them in only one area until you follow one. Driver 1 Cheats Ps1 Top 7 Hottest Pokemon Cosplays: Post-E3 Edition More Special Features...

As soon and i mean as soon as you get off that bridge thing turn left and make sure the train does not hit you. Driver 2 Gameshark Codes Keep driving to the end, then turn right and follow it down, making continuous left turns. Easier than the other way!!!!! Then after that you just keep driving straight until you hit two barrels.

schoolbus driving with a fire engine). Driver 2 Secret Cars Will Video Game Movies Always Suck? Then just follow the path till it leads underground. Sign Up for free Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums.

Driver 2 Gameshark Codes

Get back in your car and dive around into the now open area. https://www.supercheats.com/playstation/driver2cheats.htm i have been stuck on it for 3 weeks now.Please help me if anyone knows an easier way to beat it. Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities To obtai this car you will have to drive south to Tropicana. Driver 2 Invincibility Cheat To film other cars, simply get chased by a police you and in the film director move the "pursuer" camera starting time enough far away to watch the other cars.

When you get in there, there are alot of jumps. news Havana- Coach Go to the castle area or the start of the tunnel main (land side) area and find a coach. Go up to the booth and press up and circle. To the right of that will be a Road block. Driver 2 Secrets

MogelPower ist urheberrechtlich wie wettbewerbsrechtlich geschützt und darf nicht als Grundlage fuer eigene Sammlungen verwendet werden. If you have any unlockables please submit them. Better Cars Go to chicago and go all the way to the baseball park,(it's all the way up in the lefthand corner). http://1001multimedia.com/driver-2/driver-2-cheats-ps1.php About half way down you will see two rows of palm trees.

Run into the train at the end. (Note: If you went the wrong way, hit the train anyway. Driver 2 Level Skip Cheat Bonus cars Secret car in Chicago Head north and go to the Wrigleyville area and find Wrigley Field. Well, I'll stop with the blah blah.There is an easy way to go in the water.

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I know it is kind of pitiful but I cant get through it. Tanner will fly out and land but the car will land funny. Limo: If your lucky you can find taking your first right at the lights, anothter place is the airport. Driver 2 Secret City The secret car will be behind the building in front of you.

Username Password Remember me Sign in with the following networks or create a new account Register Sign in with: Neoseeker : Games : PSX : Action GBAPSX : Automobile GBAPSX : When being chased drive on the wrong side of the road weaving between the on-coming traffic. Follow this next road and take the second exit. check my blog If you have any unlockables please submit them.

You will see the switch next to the building. Nathan Rogers 0 0 2 0 ID #1903 THE BLUE SEMITRUCK IS REAL! Push Triangle at that door to unlock the immunity cheat for no police. This secret game can also be unlocked by winning the Undercover mission.

It will either be the third or fourth car....good luck in your mission.** **GAMESHARK CODE FOR DRIVER 1:::: again I do not have the code, but there is a gamshark code Go up to it and push triangle. An extra game in Rio de Janero (horseracing with cars). Privacy Policy

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That building should have a barbed-wired fence at the top of it. Go into the base and you get into an underground car park. secret area, Vegas When playing in Vegas on the bank job mission, note the starting point on the map. All other brands, logos, and/or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

get in the car and wait to be risen to above ground. You'll see blue and green people walking on the road. Well drive on up there and park your can around it. If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here.

R1 sounds the siren. (Depending on what way you go you may see a Black Limo) Cheats Invincibility At main meau press L2(2),R2(2), L2, R2, L2, L1, R2, R1, L2, L1(2). Game Shark Codes Joker CommandD00AA674 ???? submitted by bob.tovey with a dedication "this ones for u chris" in the email. Also in Chicago if you look hard enough you should be able to find a fire truck if you do stop it!