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After that go straight on and take at the following cross go to the right. Now just drive forward and go in the first corner to the left. He first go to the right. If you go up to the door and press triangle the doorbell rings. http://1001multimedia.com/driver-2/driver-2-ps1-controls.php

Chicago:-> Greektown: Time: 0:30 It begins simple. CAPTURE THE FLAG You must reach a given point on the map, grab the flag and return, untouched to your starting point. Pontiac grand am speed, brakes, handling, armor Green Car, Black roof speed, brakes, handling, armor Green car speed, brakes, handling, armor Green Pick-up Truck speed, brakes, handling, armor Cop Car speed, Tail him." (Tail the car without being seen.) This is not the easiest mission... http://guidesarchive.ign.com/guides/14153/controls.html

Driver 2 Get Out Of Car

Retrieved 3 September 2014. ^ a b c Johnny Minkley (17 July 2002). "Interview: Infogrames Tanners our hides". Simple go to the back off the building and you'll see some Ticketshops (the north-east side). When he get's to the train, don't worry, it always happens, whatever you try. "Well Done, but he escaped on the train." MISSION 3: Train Pursuit TIME: Day, clear. Behind this is the entrance to a tunnel.

  • Sane Trilogy review: "Makes the Binding of Isaac feel like a summer getaway" 2Arms review: “An invigorating blend of graceful movement and slapstick violence” 3Dirt 4 review: "The series has always
  • You'll go back on the highway.
  • THIS IS THE END OF THE LEVEL Leads to: ____ Praca da Bindeira / \ __________________/ \___________ Okay, I hope you understand the "map" up here...
  • OH baby this is a easy part!

SubscribeSubscribedUnsubscribe4.6K4.6K Loading... Featured Forums Borderlands 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops II FIFA Soccer 13 Grand Theft Auto V Halo 4 The Elder Scrolls V:... 3DS DS iOS PC PS3 PS4 PSP Switch Aggain, but now a little bit over the grass. Driver 2 Ps1 But also watch out with this car, because his armor is 3... ?Linchon?: (colors: red, blue, brown, green, silver, black.) He sfeers bad, he's not to fast.

Tanner is forced to pick up Jericho before heading to Lenny's location. Driver 2 Hidden Cars Caine dismisses his warnings and only concern himself to find Lenny. It is really a bit of a maze but it shouldn't be to difficult to find the car (a mini cooper). Look at the map of Havana.

and also bigger thanks to: EVAN FALON: He gave me the begin story and the upper list! Driver 2 Rom If you get these cars press the horn button and the sirens will sound. Now by the crossing take that one on the left. Facing the closed gate take a right over the grass till you see three thin trees appearing near the wall.

Driver 2 Hidden Cars

When you arrive you will see a compound with a gate wich is closed. Then a part straight. Driver 2 Get Out Of Car Your actions affect the course of the story and edge you closer to restoring the balance of power. Driver 2 Cheats However, the police still utilise voice clips from the PS1 version when chasing Tanner, even using dialogue in Portuguese for the police of Rio de Janeiro.

Stay on it, and at the traffic light go to the left. news Retrieved 3 September 2014. ^ Star Dingo (13 November 2002). "Driver 2 Review for Game Boy Advance on GamePro.com". What you've got to do is to "race" trough those gates. TOBIAS JONES: Smooth tongued and sickstyled. Driver 2 Pc

That fat guy can run fast ! ! ! "The morgue" Now that guy you killed is on a table. Colors under: red, light brown, green, blue.) This car looks fine with that cool backlights! You can then access this cheat by going to the secrets section of the game. have a peek at these guys Also go straight at the next crossing.

If you've done this set the car between the door, like when the door is closing he'll get stuck. Driver 4 You know the sit-down secret... When you are off the freeway keep driving straight and on your first turn take a right, follow this road and then take another right, follow this road and then on

Your felony will be as low as when you get out of the car.

If you look on the map you'll recornice the upstanding part. At the split he will go to the right. Archived from the original on 4 April 2008. Stay on your toes: The enemy car is quick and corners very well.

Under here you see a simple map from the garage and the chairs. __________________ | | _| = the garage wall. | '_ | | / \ | | . | Look at your screen on the right bottom to see him! Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Featured Forums Diablo III Fallout 4 Far Cry 4 League of Legends The Sims 4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PS4 Playstation 4 check my blog Now you'll get out off the car and your car while drive full speed farther! *NOTE* It's not possible when the police is chasing you to get out off the car.

You will go down and down. GLITCH IN THE GARAGE: Okay, when you're in the garage you see some chairs and a table. Look carefull and you'll see a switch! Now at the next crossing go to the left.

Wait till the cops past and get back in your car. After a while you'll see some wall. The licensed music is also replaced with a number of instrumental tunes composed for the game. Simple give a lot off gas.

Known from for his sawed-off shotguns, and by the trail of dead. This is hard to follow, because you're really fast "to close". On Tanner's suggestion, they head for Havana to follow the Cuban shipment trail. After the character sits push the analog-stick to toggle camera angle.

Slightly to the left and a hard corner to the right. He always will first go to the left and then to the right. Here's a long straight part. When you're on the highway drive off it and make a "U" turn.

Tanner and Jericho then form a truce, hiding from the Brazilians and head to Vegas to meet Caine. It's that stupid grass again... Then when he goes to the left follow him. Drive down that road and you will come to a gate.

BY: CHRISTIAAN BAKKER. "Big ChriZZie Boy" ################################################################# # ! ! It will go to the left and stay on the footpath. Follow him to the left over the grass. (HE NOW HOW TO CUTS!!!) Watch the pillar and stay focus.