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Slow, decent speed and strength. 2.6/5 Car Three: Even worse. Once at the big room go left and then go right following the path and you will see a gap in the wall on the left hand side go down this Watch out for the gray car pulling up in the right lane though. He will ride this road all the way to the end, and take a left. this content

But if you get out and back in, boom, full felony! 4.4/5 Fire Engine: The worst car you can get in Chicago. Mission 1: Follow Up the Lead We found out from some cats in a bar that there is a tattooed Brazilian around town. Here are all the places you will be visiting during your stay in Havana, in alphabetical order. Ending[edit] Jones and Tanner escort Lenny back to Chicago and hand him over to the police captain seen in the introduction.

Do not crash into the walls or you will lose the truck. He wants you to meet him in a cemetery apparently Jericho, one of Caine's right hand men has just arrived in town. AuCerumo GT 265 views 2:43 Driver 2 - Dr.Shemp's Mission - Havana 5 - Leaving Havana - Duration: 4:48. I will pick it up later on.

Reception[edit] Reception Review scores Publication Score GBA PS Edge N/A 5/10[3] EGM N/A 7.67/10[4] Game Informer 7.75/10[6] 8.75/10[7] GamePro [8] [9] Game Revolution N/A D+[10] GameSpot 8.4/10[11] 8.2/10[12] GameZone N/A 8/10[13] When you cross the bridge with about 30 seconds left, you know you are close. The third car will be around the same area as the second car. Look to your left, the bus should be waiting for you.

When he leaves Caine and makes a deal with Vasquez, he gives the upper hand to the Brazilians, and the balance of criminal power changed. The Brazilians are out to get you so watch out; they want Jericho badly so they are going to be hard to shake off. 1.Follow your map all the way to However, Jones suspects that the Brazilian was working for Alvaro Vazquez, another high ranking mobster who is one of Caine's rivals.

This truck is not very useful, since Vegas doesn't have any hills, its slow, does not turn that well. 2.4/5 *********************************************************************** ***********************************Rio********************************* *********************************************************************** (Directions from Yergin.

Electronic Gaming Monthly. Head north at the MALOCON, then take a left once you reach the four lane highway. You wake up from Jericho's nose bashing and run downstairs only to see him driving away. Directions: Just like the message says, just follow him nice and slow.

Make sure there are zero cops on you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- las_0008 Mission 8: Steal the Keys Message: We've found the yard that feeds Vasquez; gas, guns, everything. http://m.ign.com/faqs/2003/driver-2-walkthroughfaq-434017 I think it fits better in Havana night than the another one.You have to get the truck with the ammunation and take him to the lock up.Hope oyu like the video! Run out of the factory and it will be blown up. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- --------Congrats! Skip navigation AESign inSearch Loading...

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  • It will tell you to go inside and plant the explosives.
  • Botafogo Centro Copacabana Cosme Velho Flamengo Ipanema Lagoa Rodrigo de Frietas Lebion Praca da Bandeira Santa Tereza Urca ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------III.
  • A cutscene is shown prior to almost every mission to help advance the storyline, and thus the game plays rather like a Hollywood-style car chase movie.
  • You will need to avoid the car, while damaging the truck.
  • When you control Tanner, jump into the gray car, and turn left, and turn right out of the alley way.
  • A red marker arrow on top of it marks Jerichos car, follow him. 1.Get into one of the cars in the car park and be quick.
  • Open the door, pull in, and close the door from the inside. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Congrats!
  • If the bombs hit you then expect to crash into a wall and lose the truck. 2.

Five means excellent, One means it sticks beyond belief. Back up and go north until you reach the highway at the very northern end of Lakeside. Game Driver 2 2000 Explore in YouTube Gaming Category Gaming License Standard YouTube License Show more Show less Loading... have a peek at these guys He is a ruthless crimelord who is not afraid to take on Vasquez in order to kill Lenny and keep his operation going. *Jericho* - Caine's right hand man and hitman,

Get out, go to the left side of the door and press triangle near the switch to open the door. pre-release 7/30/03 - Added City Information, Characters, Car Ratings, Secret Cars, Secret Areas, Cheats, and Credits. Loading...

After a few streets, he will take a left, then he will take the first right.

NostalgiaGamesProd 60,692 views 6:17 Driver 2 Walkthrough - Havana Mission 5: Escape to Ferry - Duration: 2:32. Loading... Andrew Luiz 64,683 views 3:13 Driver 2 Gameplay Missions Part 2 - Havana - Duration: 30:06. Retrieved 3 September 2014. ^ Ben Silverman (December 2000). "Driver2 Review".

Get back into the truck and drive into the safe house. The clue is in the last car so get in and out as quickly as possible in order to preserve precious seconds. That means that its not yours, and you can't claim it as your own either! http://1001multimedia.com/driver-2/driver-2-havana-map.php Go to the area explained in the Secret Areas section.

You will have to destroy the escort first but that is no big deal. It will open the door. The Legend of Zelda:... 3DS Nintendo 3DS Forums Games Forum Directory 3DS Forum Top Forums Ever Oasis Fantasy Life Fire Emblem Echoes:... Now its time to get out of the compound Directions: This took me so long to beat the first time I played through, it is not even funny!

You just beat Driver 2! In between the two buildings on the left side of the road is the lock up. Head slightly right again, and into the alleyway with the boxes. Jericho will act as a good trading chip, I am sure Caine will want him back so a deal can be struck.

On Tanner's suggestion, they head for Havana to follow the Cuban shipment trail. Turn right and follow your radar all the way to Jones. 2. Get out of your car, and jump into Jones' car. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- chi_0002 Mission 2: Chase the Witness Message: Chase the witness across town until he reached the monorail station. NostalgiaGamesProd 32,961 views 4:56 Driver 2 [Walkthrough] [Mission 11/37] - Duration: 4:18.

Car Ratings (car_0000) V. Directions: This is it, you can finally blow up the plant they have been talking about. That car takes a lot of damage. Overall a good all around car. 3.8/5 Car Two: A boxy car which is not very good at steering.

Press triangle and you will open the door on the southeast side. DrShemp 1,488 views 3:52 Driver 2 - Walkthrough (With Custom Songs) - Havana Mission #7: Back To Jones - Duration: 2:24. Get out of your car, go up the brown stairs and go to the right. Jones is about to get his cover blown by the green sedan at the obelisk.

Around this time, however, Tanner is worried that Jones's cover is deteriorating and that Vasquez will figure out that Jones is supposedly working for Caine. The GBA version was significantly condensed from its counterpart on the PlayStation, due to memory limitations. Go to the right onto the street, then take a left into the next warehouse right before the bridge.