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Driver 2 Codes For Ps1


Upcoming games for 2017What are you looking forward to? Turn around. You can access the Secret Games in the Main Menu. Then at the start press the pause button and go to the map.Then look at the very top left corner. check over here

Drive to the end and then turn right onto the grass. look left till you see an opening drive in and you should see a platform, behind it should be a switch. This road has a dead end. As you go toward the airport there is turn on the side there is a sign that says detour and a little ally on the right side of the building.

Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities

Secreat Area/Car In Havana Got to Havana in Take a drive mode. submitted by bob.tovey with a dedication "this ones for u chris" in the email. They hit hard, and with one speck of life left, I charged at the last half-dead cop, and totaled the truck and the cop. That is the entrance.

  • Next the platform should lower.
  • Immunity Cheat in Rio You start by facing the interstate.
  • Ok I have a cheat go to take a ride and select Rio pick any car.
  • There will be a police car on the side of the park.
  • To your left when you get there should be a mound.
  • Pull back onto the road and drive around that area to find that truck.

Cruise around lakeside until you see a big white house. At the front of the building is a chemist with two signs that say 99c and 25c, go to the one on the left (25c) walk up to it and press No cops were left, so I got out. Driver 1 Cheats Ps1 follow it in till you come to a building. {it has no top} go a bout 4-5 trees down there should be a pole.Get out of your car walk over to

press triangle and then a gate will open. Driver 2 Gameshark Codes When you get to the bottom, turn left again then right, and left once more. At the end of the off-ramp, make a U-turn and follow the street between the on and off ramps. http://www.ign.com/wikis/driver-2/PS_Cheats Who See who is playing this game and add your Gamer ID to find friends.

Secret car in Havana Drive towards the tunnel located at the west end of the city. Driver 2 Secret Cars Simple! once you in there go left and follow the road(ally). Farming Simulator 18 Walkthrough and T..Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valenti..Terminator Genisys: Future War Tips, H..Rogue Life Hints and Guide Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough and TipsPokemon Ultra Moon Walkthrough Tips an..Pokemon

Driver 2 Gameshark Codes

If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. On the exact opposite side of the entrance you will find a switch. Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities Press the button to get it down, and get in it to raise it back up.5b) Go past the tunnel and fall down the hole (in your car). Driver 2 Invincibility Cheat You should go straight for about 5-10 seconds.It isn't a long time but it should make you laugh...

Go to Rio and look at the top part of the map that looks Like this... __/""""\__ While U drive on it at the north part there is a switch and check my blog If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here. Submitted by: Sticks38 on Dec 12, 2004 Verified by: DjLudjak, manzoor3din Verify this cheat Report a problem with this cheat Stop Limo qucker All you got to do is just block Ghost Town Train Go to the Ghost Town in Las Vegas with invincibility on. Driver 2 Secrets

Will Video Game Movies Always Suck? I hope you pass this level Tanner the Great and don't give up after the first try because it took me a couple of tries until I got it. A control pad is near there. this content Tweet Genre: Racing, Miscellaneous Racing Developer: Reflections Publisher: Infogrames ESRB Rating: Teen Release Date: October 17, 1998 Hints Message Bug In Las Vegas Go near a just-parked police on foot and

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Code Breaker Codes Created by: LiLplay. Driver 2 Level Skip Cheat submitted by Tanner Boosters for cars Pause in Rio and press R1 (x2), R2 (x4), O, triangle (x2), X. You should get a lot of air.

Then I stole a blue car, and did donuts on a bridge, and in a street.

follow that tunnel down to the end and the car is on a risen platform. Suicide?......nope Anywhere there is a big hill drive up it (make sure car is in the air). After you turn right, there will be some buildings to your right. Driver 2 Secret City Press Triangle to open a secret area.

Right on that ramp going onto the ferry, go perpendicular to the road, and aim for the water. Around The Web More Cheats & Codes Around The Web SHARE THIS PAGE AROUND THE WEB Best New Stuff on CheatCC Why We F#%King HATE Console Scalpers Do Game Trailers Lie Once you reach the train drive side by side next to it. have a peek at these guys You'll float and the water will act like land.