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Rating is available when the video has been rented. Once you turn left you bet the level.I hope my instructions are detailed enough for you guys. First you might wanna use immunity which i already put in. All Cheats Successfully complete the game to unlock all cheats and two new tracks. this content

Stop Faster Press Triangle + Circle. Go along this road and you shall see a fenced off base. Cruise around to get back there to find a blue semi Secret Car In Las Vegas Take the first right turn and follow it down. Turn in there and you will see the switch next to the fence at the end of the building.

Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities

Enter this alley. To open the door, you need to go to the huge building to the right. To do it though you must have the mini car in Havana. Keep going, past that green highway sign where the onramp starts.

  1. Keep chipping at from the other side and try not to hit another car because it will slow you down.
  2. Press the button and you should get the car.
  3. PS1 | Submitted by curtis mcdonald Get a sports car in Chicago Take a ride in Chicago and go to the baseball stadium and go to the opposite side of the
  4. Then at the start press the pause button and go to the map.Then look at the very top left corner.
  5. At the end of those buildings is a fenced in area.
  6. You will see the switch next to the building.
  7. There is a door on the very left side of this building, which is facing the other building you are trying to open.

Follow that building whith the four cones in front of it. Next the platform should lower. Hit the switch by pushing triangle then drive to the southeast corner and you will find a base type looking place there you will find the helicopter. Driver 1 Cheats Ps1 Just go north and on the side walk look for a guy who looks like Juan-Es (usually when the guy wearing blue is walking by, they must be friends.

Select it and the race track should be listed. Register here or log in above to show codes you have posted or bookmarked. Bob the builder 0 0 4 1 ID #1943 Please Help!!!!I am stuck on the level where you have to find the file in 4 different Then I went forward, and saw a van, spining and twirling, while moving.

Game Guides All Our Full Guides More Game Walkthroughs Cheats, Hints and Codes Questions and Answers Recent Guide Updates Rider GuideAngry Birds Hints and GuideAngry Birds Evolution Hints and GuideLegends of Driver 2 Level Skip Cheat Submitted by: sen JMN on Aug 02, 2003 Verify this Report this Unlocking all cheats If you want all cheats in this game then i suggest you complete it and then You'll see blue and green people walking on the road. Havana- Coach Go to the castle area or the start of the tunnel main (land side) area and find a coach.

Driver 2 Gameshark Codes

Well here:Look on your map. page stand in front of the panel and push triangle. Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities X "Like" CheatCC on Facebook Follow @cheatcc Home PS4 Xbox One PC Switch Xbox 360 PS3 Wii U 3DS Vita Wii DS PS2 Other Systems PSP Xbox GameCube PSOne N64 GBA Driver 2 Invincibility Cheat Get out and press it.

When you get there turn left and follow the road until you get to an intersection.Go straight on look on the left, you will see a closed gate, keep going until news Naveed lal khan 12,220 views 3:45 Driver 2 Walkthrough Part 2 - Duration: 7:42. Once you land on the bottom it should say "you drowned". Park your car, get out. Driver 2 Secret Cars

gabdriver2 4,470 views 5:38 Driver 2 - Traffic and Cop Vehicle Modifiers - Duration: 4:24. Why the Switch’s Game Library is Awesome It’s Time to Talk About Replay Value The New Hotness of Need for Speed Can VR Save Half-Life 3? Press Select for better view and touch the nose of the car on the wall and wait a little. http://1001multimedia.com/driver-2/driver-2-cheats-ps1.php Look on the map and you will see a long windy bit of road that goes out to the west.

submitted by Stony Cold Steve Austin Secrets Hidden areas and secrets can be unlocked by locating the proper switches or cars. Driver 2 Secret City Then, go to the SIDE of a seat and press triangle, now you are sitting in a chair!Tip: If you want to get a better view, use the camra rotater buttons HARD ROCKER 0 1 3 0 ID #1956 When you start go to your map you should see a tunnel on the East side of your

Just before the tunnel there is a road on the left.

Drive around to the other entrance to get out and then they say "we lost him!" submitted by Harry Hudson Leave cops behind on the Interstate When you are being chased If you have been trying really hard you would of made it to a unmarked Cop car. Top 10 Games That Rocked E3 Top 10 Most Badass Alien Games Ever Top 10 Marvel Games We Need Right Now! Driver 2 Las Vegas Secret Car After the character sits push the analog-stick to toggle camera angle.

Submitted by: Razor_11 on Aug 06, 2008 Verify this cheat Report this Strange characters When in Rio Racetrack, as soon as it starts, reverse a little,then turn right and go ahead Unsubscribe from Comando52Colton? Go there and press triangle. check my blog Turn right at the second street, then take the first left turn.

Press Triangle to open the gate you first saw. EditPoor Man's Grand Theft Auto III Choose Las Vegas for Ride Mode. Then when I passed it, here's the creepyest part, I sank into the ground, and started tumbling. Comando52Colton 1,455 views 6:55 Driver 2 - Mission 20: Beat the train (nitro and infinite time cheats) - Duration: 5:38.

Continued abuse of our services will cause your IP address to be blocked indefinitely. The Mini should be a selection. Andrew Luiz 64,683 views 3:13 DRIVER 2 CARS IN REAL LIFE - Duration: 4:45. Drive to the end and then turn right onto the grass.

Immediately after the lake is an intersection. submitted by Tanner Boosters for cars Pause in Rio and press R1 (x2), R2 (x4), O, triangle (x2), X. If it land on its side or upside down just ram it rightside up. This secret game can also be unlocked by winning the Undercover mission.

Look left to see a gate and a building. To know you are in the right place, there is a fence on either side. Upcoming games for 2017What are you looking forward to? Go through the tunnel and then turn right at the first street you see.

Go against the onramp wall as you're still going forward. Proceed to the end the turn left. About 200 yards after you cross over Tropicana Rd you will see a white building with red trim and sign that says DOLLAR SLOTS. get out of the car you are driving.

Go to the booth with tickets above it. Steal another car and you're off! Smiley 0 2 5 1 ID #1963 Can someone help me on the 5th or 6th level where you have to get out of cane's compound!!!!