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When you start go straight forward around the curve, then go left. When you get to the bottom, turn left again then right, and left once more. Drive to the end, turn right and follow it down making continuous left turns. Have fun driving the truck back and good luck. this content

Turn right at the third street, which will take you past the big lake. Secret area in Las Vegas After unlocking the secret car in Las Vegas, go to the street and turn left to get back on to it. It is black with white windows. Stop Faster Press Triangle + Circle.

Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities

There is a door that says TICKETS. Look at your map and find Flamingo road drive past that road for a little while until you see a building with red banner and on the building part that is In the castle you can get "major" air! Get out of your car and walk over to the switch.

  • So follow that road that is all the wat to the west that skinny road.
  • That building should have a barbed-wired fence at the top of it.
  • submitted by Alex Dining Chairs in Chicago When your in chicago get out of the car and walk up to the back of a dining chair then press triangle and to
  • Go against the onramp wall as you're still going forward.
  • You will fly!) If you hit the train, you shouldn't slow down.
  • How To Film Other Cars In Film Director?
  • Outside special buildings are switches which, once activated, unlocks a secret area and displays a message to let you know what you've just triggered.

submitted by john q. Drive around that area for a bit. After you go straight down past Flamingo the first street you see make a left and the pharmacy is on your left. Driver 1 Cheats Ps1 Tip 2: Do not press triangle at the back of the seat, otherwise, your character might go far and sit on nothing.

Note that once you step in the police car your felony will go up. If you have any unlockables please submit them. Avoid Police Chases Drive like you are one of the city cars and the police will not follow you unless you hit a car or building. You find the gate of the baseball ground and at the opposite corner there should be a section with the word TICKETS above it.

Walk towards it and press triangle. Driver 2 Secret Cars Turn right at the second street, then take the first left turn. Once the screen says, the driver has made a run for, get in the truck and drive it where you drove the truck in the mission. submitted by Wesley Avoid Being Caught by Cops When you're being chased by the cops, make sure that they've got high Damage (if you have high damage too, you can still

Driver 2 Gameshark Codes

Flat bed truck: You will most likely find it around the docks and down west of them to. Go to the Ghost Town in Vegas. Driver 2 Cheats Ps1 Unlock All Cities Keep chipping at from the other side and try not to hit another car because it will slow you down. Driver 2 Invincibility Cheat It will never come back, either.

Near this there is a switch. http://1001multimedia.com/driver-2/driver-2-cheats-and-codes.php PS1 | Submitted by cory tyler Find The Wittness In the first level in udercover go to the map. Look at the map of Havana. Easier than the other way!!!!! Driver 2 Secrets

When in chicago, just drive straight into a parking lot and you'll see that the cops can't follow you. If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here. Traffic Giants 4 Rio De Janiero; (Black limo, City bus, and Fire Engine) Limo: Its long. http://1001multimedia.com/driver-2/driver-2-ps1-cheats-codes.php The whole thing outside of that walled off place is grass, hills, and trees.

Get in and take it for a drive! Driver 2 Level Skip Cheat turn right into the grass until you find a meter (looks kind of like a parking meter). Submitted by: sen JMN on Jun 21, 2003 Verified by: Verify this cheat Report this Caine's Compound If your stuck at Caines compound and have know idea where to go listen

PS1 | Submitted by curtis mcdonald Get a sports car in Chicago Take a ride in Chicago and go to the baseball stadium and go to the opposite side of the

Be careful because if you wreck you'r car you can not get out of the site to get another car! Putz around the dense part of the city to see either a school bus or an armored truck. [There can not be 2 different kinds of Traffic Giants driving around in When you hit the wall keep the acellerator pushed down. Driver 2 Secret City Get out of your car and walk over to the switch.

This secret game can also be unlocked by winning the Undercover mission. Follow the fence, stop at the last section, and look left. Ambulance: located at the airport, drive around there a bit to find it. check my blog Medival Castle In Havana In Havana, the castle is in the north to north- west part of the city.

Drive down to that location. You can ring thefront door's doorbell as well as open and close the garage door to park his car inside.

Next Main Page Previous Guide part 10 Top Wiki the van is only seen when you pick it in the car selection screen. On the way down hop out of the car.

All Cars Beat Undercover mode. You should get a lot of air. Select it and the race track should be listed. TopPlatforms 3DS PlayStation Vita Android PSP DS Switch iOS Wii PC Wii U PlayStation 2 Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 Xbox One PlayStation 4 More...

If you have luck you'll see the occasional fire engine.